Pen in a wanderer's hand, searching true north.



This is a space where I try to be human. You know, to explore the very human spaces of home, love and belonging. To try and understand, to love, to appreciate and be grateful, for the big things as well as the little ones. For the joy and for the pain. This and more.

I was born here in Texas. All my life however, I have always associated myself with the Indian sub-continent, with Pakistan, where I grew up. A land I grew to love.

I’m a marketing graduate by convention, but in more human terms, I’m more the kind of guy who loves stories and roads and sipping hot chocolate while listening to the pitter-patter of rain. I’m a curious fellow. The odd kind of curious, who still stays glued to windows of moving cars, trains and planes well into his twenties. I still find that sense of wonder irreplaceable with anything else in this world.

I love the long, winding, never-ending roads that take you places. And now, I’ve unexpectedly ended up back in Texas to start all over. I’m still trying to get home.

This is where I write about the places I’ve explored and the people I’ve met along the way. I believe every interaction, whether with a dandelion or a dew-soaked dawn, a stranger or someone you love, holds an essence of the world and of ourselves. It holds a part of our stories that keep unfolding with our complex, inter-connected lives.

I’m just trying to understand it all with this imperfect inner compass which begs me to stay human. To not judge. To always understand, forgive, love and be myself. I’m just trying to write a story. All I have is half a compass.

I tweet @nadirhashmi and instagram @nadirhashmi